iOS 16 beta 3 changes and features – the clownfish wallpaper lives

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Apple, yesterday, released the third developer beta for iOS 16. The beta contains big new features like Lockdown mode to harden your iPhone from high-level threats, new Lock Screen clock fonts, the debut of the iCloud Shared Photo Library feature that was revealed at WWDC 2022, and of course, the clownfish Lock Screen wallpaper.

In addition to all of the aforementioned details, there are many other new changes and features to explore.

Apple has implemented an updated release notes page which can be found by tapping on the iOS version number in Settings > About. This updated release notes page displays a table highlighting the current release details, along with the build number of the release.

Reminders gets a new Include Due Today option, which makes it show that badge notifications are displayed on the Reminders app icon when items are in your Due Today list. This option can be found via Settings > Reminders.

There are quite a few new Lock Screen changes and tweaks, including two new Lock Screen clock fonts. One of the fonts is a brand new font that we’ve yet to see before, and the other is the same skinny font from iOS 15. In addition, there is better occlusion for clock when the depth effect is enabled on the Lock Screen.

There’s also a new Siri sound effect when invoking Siri with headphones connected. The sound is much more subdued and less jarring than the traditional Siri sound effect.

Of course, I also go in depth with the new Lockdown mode, which hardens an iPhone for high-risk users under the threat of hack. The new Shared iCloud Library that was revealed at WWDC 2022 is also included, and I showcase some of its most interesting features.

Watch my hands on video (conveniently time-stamped) for a breakdown of what’s new in iOS 16.