Level Lock+ officially launches with Apple home key support in tow

Level has officially launched its newest smart lock, the Level Lock+. The Level Lock+ is similar to the previously released Level Lock Touch Edition, except this time it supports Apple Home Keys, which allows you to unlock your door with your iPhone or Apple Watch using NFC.

I’ve previously tested out Home Key support with a competing smart lock, the Schlage Encode+, and quickly determined that this feature is a game-changer for smart locks as far as ease of use is concerned. I personally would not recommend purchasing a smart lock without Apple Home Key support built in, so this release is a very big deal for Level.

Level has partnered with Apple for the release of the Level Lock+, which means that it’s available exclusively through brick and mortar Apple Stores and Apple.com. Level Lock+ costs $329 and is available in both Satin Nickel (in stores and online) and Matte Black (online only) finishes.

Level sent Cellular the Level Lock+, and it just arrived in my hands today. Rest assured that I will be testing this lock, and publishing a video walkthrough of the installation, plus my thoughts on how it compares to other locks.

Special thanks to Level, I can’t wait to take it for a test drive.

One of the things that has always separated Level from the competition is just how incredibly inconspicuous it is. There are no keypads (unless you want to buy one separately), and no funky designs. Like past Level offerings, the Level Lock+ looks virtually indistinguishable from a normal lock, which is why its tagline is “The Invisible Smart lock”. It even works with regular hardware keys (two keys are included in the box).

But inside the insanely small locking mechanism, which is hidden away inside the door, is all of the tech necessary to make the Level Lock+ work with Apple Home Keys, Siri, NFC key cards, and more.

Here are some of the additional features that highlight the Level Lock+’s capabilities. I’ll be testing many of these features in my upcoming video.

  • Industry leading NFC capabilities – For continued best-in-class reliability with all Level smart locks. 
  • Power reserve through home keys – Key use remains enabled on an iPhone for hours after it needs to be charged.
  • Auto-lock and unlock – Lock and unlock your door automatically upon approach by accessing the feature in the Level app.
  • Guest sharing – With the Level app, you can share access to your home with others, including friends, visitors and people you trust.
  • Additional ways to enter – Touch and keycard via Level app, as well as using a standard key
  • Keypad – Pair Level Lock+ with the optional Level Keypad to provide guest access via key codes ($79, level.co)
  • Straight-forward installation – Simply install with a screwdriver in 15 minutes or less.
  • BHMA AAA certified – The highest industry standard for safety and durability.

It’s exciting to see Home Key get more widespread support among available smart locks. Stay tuned for more upcoming coverage soon.

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