iOS 16.2 Beta 1 – what’s new?

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After launching iOS 16.1 to the public, Apple quickly followed up with the initial iOS 16.2 last week. iOS 16.2 brings lots of new changes and features to the table. In this hands-on video walkthrough, I discuss new changes to the Home architecture, the new Freeform app, Siri upgrades, Weather app enhancements, and much more. Watch the video, and be sure to subscribe to Cellular for more hands-on coverage of iOS 16.2.

One of my favorite new features relates to Safari. When using iCloud+ Private Relay feature, you can now disable it directly within Safari on a one-off basis. This makes it so that when visiting websites where the experience is degraded due to iCloud Private Relay, users can quickly disable it to solve issues.

To disable iCloud Private Relay directly from Safari in iOS 16.2, simply tap the ‘Aa’ website settings button, and tap the Turn Off Hide IP Address option. You’ll then get a prompt alerting you that the website and your network provider will be able to see your IP address until you reload the tab or go to another website.

The new Turn Off Hide IP Address Safari feature in iOS 16.2
The new Turn Off Hide IP Address Safari feature in iOS 16.2

Keep in mind that this option will only appear in website settings if you have Private Relay enabled via Settings → iCloud → Private Relay.

There are, of course, many additional new changes and features in iOS 16.2, but this is one that stood out to me. Watch the full video walkthrough embedded above as I step though each new feature in-depth.

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