Month: January 2023

Review: Comica Vimo S-MI dual-channel wireless microphone

I’ve been a fan of microphones like the Rode Wireless GO and the DJI Mic. The Comica Vimo S shares several similarities with the aforementioned microphones, but also sports its fair share of differences. One of the biggest differences is the price, as Comica’s mic can be had for south of $100, whereas both Rode and DJIs offerings, while admittedly in a somewhat higher tier performance and build quality wise, are roughly 2-3 times more expensive.

In this hands-on video walkthrough, I’ll unbox the Comica Vimo S, discuss how it works, and consider some of its strengths and weaknesses. In the end, you’ll hopefully be able to judge for yourself wherther or not it fits within your workflow.


  • 2.4 GHz dual channel wireless microphone
  • Two TX and one RX with Lightning connector
  • 48KHz/24 bit record
  • Rechargeable case with magnetic storage
  • Pass through iPhone charging and zero-latency monitoring…
  • Omni-directional polar pattern
  • Stereo and mono recording
  • Stepless volume adjustment wheel
  • One-press muting and denoise
  • <20ms sound delay with working range up to 200m in open area
  • Battery life: TX 5 hours

Hands-on with the Comica Vimo S Mi – a wireless Lav microphone for your iPhone

I recently went hands-on with a wireless Lavalier microphone called the Comica Vimo S Mi (affiliate link). This budget-minded microphone features two wireless transmitters, a pair of receivers, and a wireless charging case. The Vimo S Mi’s receiver attaches directly to your iPhone’s Lightning port for recording audio within apps. As I showcase in my hands-on video, it’s not the perfect microphone for every application, but it’s a big step up from the audio you get internally from your camera’s on-board microphone, and pairs nicely with the iPhone’s stock Camera app or with third-party apps like Filmic Pro and LumaFusion.

Watch the full video walkthrough as I discuss some of its pluses and minuses. Full disclosure: Comica sent me this unit for review and has allowed me to keep it.

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