Hands-on with the Comica Vimo S Mi – a wireless Lav microphone for your iPhone

I recently went hands-on with a wireless Lavalier microphone called the Comica Vimo S Mi (affiliate link). This budget-minded microphone features two wireless transmitters, a pair of receivers, and a wireless charging case. The Vimo S Mi’s receiver attaches directly to your iPhone’s Lightning port for recording audio within apps. As I showcase in my hands-on video, it’s not the perfect microphone for every application, but it’s a big step up from the audio you get internally from your camera’s on-board microphone, and pairs nicely with the iPhone’s stock Camera app or with third-party apps like Filmic Pro and LumaFusion.

Watch the full video walkthrough as I discuss some of its pluses and minuses. Full disclosure: Comica sent me this unit for review and has allowed me to keep it.

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