Review guidelines

My goal is to make reviews that are easily relatable and digestible. With this in mind, I’ve spent some time coming up with a template that can work for both tangible hardware products that you can touch and feel, along with intangible software or services. These principals apply to both written and video reviews.

Look and feel

How is the packaging laid out, and what is the unboxing experience like? How does the product physically look? What does it look like on your desk, or on your desktop. How does it compare to similar products from a visual standpoint? For hardware, how does it feel to touch? What are the materials made out of? For software, how does it mesh with basic design paradigms, how does it feel to use? Does it feel natural?

How it works

What makes the product or software work? What’s under the hood? Does the design complement or hinder the way it functions? Benchmarks can also go here.

Strengths and weaknesses

What are the significant good and bad qualities?

Is it worth it?

Does the product, app, or service live up to expectations in accordance with its price?

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