Serif launches Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher V2 alongside new Universal License ownership tier 

Today Serif, the company behind the Affinity creative suite of apps, is announcing Version 2 of Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, and Affinity Publisher. In addition, Affinity Publisher 2 is now available on iPad after being a desktop exclusive. Serif is also announcing a new Universal License ownership tier, that gives users access to all Affinity apps across all platforms for one low price.

The Affinity Universal License will normally be available for $169.99, but Serif is offering a special 40% launch discount, affording users with access to the entire V2 suite for just $99.99. This announcement also silences fears that Affinity apps would adopt a subscription model.

Ashley Hewson, Managing Director of Serif, notes:

“The ability to buy for a one-off payment is something that makes Affinity the only viable option for many of the brilliant and inspiring creative people around the world, who would otherwise not have access to the highest-quality tools. There has been a lot of speculation about us moving to subscription recently, so I’m pleased to confirm that isn’t the case!

For our existing customers we have also been very conscious that, considering many of our sales are generated via app stores, it’s not possible to provide upgrade pricing. That’s the main reason we have decided to offer such a large launch discount – giving upgraders a chance to do so at an incredible price.”

Affinity Photo V2 for Mac

Speaking on a personal basis, Affinity Photo and Designer have been two absolute staple Mac and iPad applications that I’ve used daily for the last few years. I’ve been a huge fan of Affinity apps, not only because of the lack of an annoying and pricey monthly subscription fee, but primarily because the apps are extremely good at what they do with no compromises for my particular workflow. I think many Photoshop and Illustrator users will be surprised by just how capable the Affinity Suite is, and now with Affinity Publisher 2 coming to the iPad, InDesign users may have more of a reason to look at Serif’s apps as well.

Affinity Publisher 2 for iPad

Serif notes that users who don’t require the full package will still be able to buy each app — Affinity Photo 2, Affinity Designer 2 or Affinity Publisher 2 individually for Mac, PC or iPad with the same 40% launch discount. All products, including the V2 Universal License, are also available as a 30-day free trial.

All new Affinity releases are available now. To purchase individual V2 apps or the V2 Universal License, head over to Serif’s website, and take advantage of the introductory pricing.


As someone who dislikes Adobe’s subscription model, Affinity has been a huge win for me personally. Although a lot more people know about Affinity apps than they used to, I still think there remains a sizable swath of creative users who have no idea how awesome these apps are, and how viable they are as outright Adobe replacements in many circumstances.

But even if you’re educated about what Affinity’s creative apps bring to the table, I think it’s a good idea to purchase the V2 versions at this reasonable price, and support the team at Serif. Without our support, it would not be able to provide such reasonable prices devoid of monthly subscription fees. Let’s show everyone from our support that you don’t have to adopt a subscription model to be a successful software company in 2022.