iOS 16 Beta 7 and Apple’s “Far out” iPhone 14 event

What’s new in iOS 16 beta 7?

We’re obviously very close to the iOS 16 Release Candidate, which means we can expect fewer and fewer changes to iOS 16 with each subsequent beta release. We began seeing Apple pull back on new features and changes a few beta releases ago and the same applies with Beta 7.

  • Build number 20A5356a
  • American Express cards might need to be removed and re-added
  • Volume back on Lock Screen
  • Clocked moved up on landscape Notification Center
  • Tweaked date on landscape Notification Center

September 7th Apple event

The big news this week is that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 event will be on September 7th, which is less than two weeks away from today.

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The tagline for the event is “Far out.” Some have speculated that this could indicate some relation to astrophotography with the new iPhone 14 Pro camera system? That would be cool, but it’s honestly probably something I’d never use if that turns out to be true.

At the event, which will be held in person, Apple will reveal new iPhone 14 models, including the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max. Sadly, it appears as if the iPhone mini is toast, with the iPhone 14 mini being the last miniature iPhone release. The good news is that Apple will probably continue selling the iPhone 14 mini for a while, just like it sells the iPhone 12 mini today.

The iPhone 14 Max is likely Apple’s response to customers who would prefer a large phone, but don’t want to pay the “pro tax”. The iPhone 14 Pro Max will probably retail under $1000, and there should be a big enough price differential between it and its pro version that users on a budget1 will find it desirable.

But the biggest news rests with the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. This year, according to rumors, marks the first time that there will be a very noteworthy difference between the pro and baseline hardware. Rumors indicate that the pro models will be the only ones to receive new A16 Apple Silicon, which is a big departure from previous releases that featured silicon parity across the lineup. The Pro models are also said to include a new redesigned pill shape area to house the TrueDepth camera, while regular iPhone 14 models maintain the notch, along with additional changes.

Although no one can speak matter-of-factly on the event or the hardware currently, the baseline iPhone 14 sounds a bit underwhelming coming from the year-ago model. Granted, people like me who are entrenched in the tech space view these things through a lens that the average person does not. Most people aren’t buying new iPhone years over year, so an iPhone 11 or even iPhone 12 to an iPhone 14 might prove to be a compelling upgrade.

iPadOS officially pushed back to Fall

Conspicuously missing is iPadOS, and upcoming iPad refreshes. After speculation about the current state of Stage Manager for M1-enabled iPads, Apple officially delayed the release of iPadOS 16 to later this fall. Although fall technically begins just 15 days after the iPhone 14 event, the release will likely coincide with an October event where new iPad hardware will be shown. In the meantime, Apple is releasing iPad 16.1 betas for developers to test.


I’m somewhat optimistic about the event. I think the iPhone 14 Pro will be a big of enough year-over-year change that it will represent a compelling upgrade over this year’s model. For everything else? I’m in wait-and-see mode. Of course, there’s also the new watchOS 9 which will launch alongside the new Apple Watch Series 8, and a new Apple Watch Pro. I just really hope they don’t call it that.

  1. Right, “budget” 🤨 []