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Nomad launches Super Slim Case for iPhone 14

Nomad just launched its newest case for the iPhone 14, the low profile and ultra-thin Super Slim Case. Available in two colors — Carbide Gray and Frost — this case provides iPhone 14 users with a way to protect their phones while maintaining the phone’s form factor.


  • 50% recycled materials
  • Premium & grippy matte finish
  • 360º coverage with chamfered cutouts for buttons and ports
  • Raised camera bump for added protection
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Two color options: Carbide or Frost
  • For every iPhone 14 model
  • MSRP: $29.95
  • Available starting today

I recently got my hands on both the Carbide Gray and Frost Super Slim cases and I shot a video which I will post later this week on Cellular’s YouTube channel. In the meantime, I took a few vanity photos to show off the case when mated with my Space Black iPhone 14 Pro.

Both cases look good, and to be honest, I’m not sure which color I prefer most. I like the Frost Gray colorway primarily because it’s translucent. This design allows you to see the Apple logo, with the Space Black iPhone combining to provide an almost metallic look. The Carbide Gray colorway also looks good and pairs nicely with the Space Black camera housing and black bezels.

I found the Super Slim case to be fairly grippy, as Nomad states, although it’s not as grippy as the stainless steel band on the iPhone 14 Pro models. I was impressed by the accuracy of the button and port cutouts, as they feature a chamfered design for an even more precise fit.

There’s only so much you can say about a case, but for those of you that desire a measure of protection without the bulk, then the Super Slim Case is a good minimalistic option. It’ll protect your iPhone’s camera housing, protect the rear of the device from scratches, and provide a measure of protection from drops and dings on the corners. Obviously you won’t get the same amount of protection that you’ll get from more fortified options, but you’ll need to make that tradeoff if you want one of the most low profile case options for the iPhone 14.

Again, be sure to subscribe to Cellular on YouTube, as I’ll be posting a brief video walkthrough of the Super Slim case in both colors.

Nomad cases for iPhone 14 lineup

Nomad has been one of my favorite Apple accessory companies for quite some time now. The company made a name for itself by producing cases utilizing high end Chicago-based Horween Leather, and has continue to broaden its reach over the years to other areas like wireless chargers, watch bands, and even ink pens.1

But Nomad hasn’t forgot the very thing that got them in the game, case (ahem) and point — a brand new series of cases to coincide with the recent launch of the iPhone 14 lineup.

Nomad is also a big supporter of independent creators, which is something I’ve grown to appreciate even more as of late with the launch of Cellular. The company sent over several of its iPhone 14 Pro cases for me to test out, and I happily obliged.

Video walkthrough

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All of the cases I tested are MagSafe & wireless charging compatible, although you won’t receive the cool MagSafe animation and sound like you do on Apple’s first-party cases. I should also note that each case also features two handy attachment points for lanyards, if that’s your thing.

Something that you’ll notice about all of Nomad’s cases is the amount of emphasis that’s been placed on protecting the cameras. Each cases features a raised camera ring, and this area is now even more pronounced since the cameras protrude even further than they do on previous iPhones.

Nomad Sport Case

The Sport Case features a high-gloss, premium scratch-resistant finish, anodized metal buttons, and a grippy TPE bumper. Nomad says that the design of the minimalistic Sport Case enables 6ft drop protection. I tested out the Marine Blue and Lunar Gray colorways, but there are Black and Ash Green color options as well.

Nomad Rugged Case

If you’re someone who plans on pushing the new Apple Watch Ultra to its limits, then it makes sense to go with a more rugged case option for your iPhone as well. Although lightweight, the Rugged Case is able to withstand more extreme environments. Nomad’s most fortified case option features 15ft drop protection thanks to its TPU bumper and polycarbonate frame.

Nomad sent over the Rugged Case in Ash Green, but if you’re going to buy this case there is only one right choice — Ultra Orange. Not only does this color complement the orange accents on the Apple Watch Ultra, but it also matches Nomad’s new limited edition Ultra Orange Sport Band, which I’ve pre-ordered and am anxiously awaiting its December arrival.

Nomad Modern Leather Case

The Modern Leather Case makes for a good alternative to Apple’s own leather case lineup, which is $10 more expensive. I tested the Brown, English Tan, and Natural colors, but Nomad also makes the Modern Leather Case in Black.

The Modern Leather case features full grain leather, and an integrated air bumper with up to 10ft of drop protection. The cool thing about these leather cases is that they get better with age. Over time the leather develops a patina that gives the cases a signature “worn” look.

Nomad Modern Leather Folio

My favorite case of the ones that Nomad sent over is the Modern Leather Folio. A book-style case with a front and back cover, it affords extra space for storing multiple credit cards, and even has a place to hideaway cash. The case includes a removable magnetic clasp for extra security.

Like Nomad’s other leather offerings, the Leather Folio is available in both standard and more lustrous hand-made Horween Leather.

With the advent of AppleCare+ I’ve argued that for some folks, it might make sense to go caseless, but the vast majority of people probably disagree with my sentiments.

If you’re going to use a case, you should definitely check out what are, in my opinion, some of the best case options available.

  1. Nomad sent over its titanium ink pen along with these cases, and I’ve probably spent more time with the pen than anything, it’s just that good. It actually makes me want to start writing again by hand. It’s pricey, but it’s perfectly weighted and is machined from a solid titanium body. []

iOS 16 Beta 7 and Apple’s “Far out” iPhone 14 event

What’s new in iOS 16 beta 7?

We’re obviously very close to the iOS 16 Release Candidate, which means we can expect fewer and fewer changes to iOS 16 with each subsequent beta release. We began seeing Apple pull back on new features and changes a few beta releases ago and the same applies with Beta 7.

  • Build number 20A5356a
  • American Express cards might need to be removed and re-added
  • Volume back on Lock Screen
  • Clocked moved up on landscape Notification Center
  • Tweaked date on landscape Notification Center

September 7th Apple event

The big news this week is that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 event will be on September 7th, which is less than two weeks away from today.

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The tagline for the event is “Far out.” Some have speculated that this could indicate some relation to astrophotography with the new iPhone 14 Pro camera system? That would be cool, but it’s honestly probably something I’d never use if that turns out to be true.

At the event, which will be held in person, Apple will reveal new iPhone 14 models, including the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max. Sadly, it appears as if the iPhone mini is toast, with the iPhone 14 mini being the last miniature iPhone release. The good news is that Apple will probably continue selling the iPhone 14 mini for a while, just like it sells the iPhone 12 mini today.

The iPhone 14 Max is likely Apple’s response to customers who would prefer a large phone, but don’t want to pay the “pro tax”. The iPhone 14 Pro Max will probably retail under $1000, and there should be a big enough price differential between it and its pro version that users on a budget1 will find it desirable.

But the biggest news rests with the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. This year, according to rumors, marks the first time that there will be a very noteworthy difference between the pro and baseline hardware. Rumors indicate that the pro models will be the only ones to receive new A16 Apple Silicon, which is a big departure from previous releases that featured silicon parity across the lineup. The Pro models are also said to include a new redesigned pill shape area to house the TrueDepth camera, while regular iPhone 14 models maintain the notch, along with additional changes.

Although no one can speak matter-of-factly on the event or the hardware currently, the baseline iPhone 14 sounds a bit underwhelming coming from the year-ago model. Granted, people like me who are entrenched in the tech space view these things through a lens that the average person does not. Most people aren’t buying new iPhone years over year, so an iPhone 11 or even iPhone 12 to an iPhone 14 might prove to be a compelling upgrade.

iPadOS officially pushed back to Fall

Conspicuously missing is iPadOS, and upcoming iPad refreshes. After speculation about the current state of Stage Manager for M1-enabled iPads, Apple officially delayed the release of iPadOS 16 to later this fall. Although fall technically begins just 15 days after the iPhone 14 event, the release will likely coincide with an October event where new iPad hardware will be shown. In the meantime, Apple is releasing iPad 16.1 betas for developers to test.


I’m somewhat optimistic about the event. I think the iPhone 14 Pro will be a big of enough year-over-year change that it will represent a compelling upgrade over this year’s model. For everything else? I’m in wait-and-see mode. Of course, there’s also the new watchOS 9 which will launch alongside the new Apple Watch Series 8, and a new Apple Watch Pro. I just really hope they don’t call it that.

  1. Right, “budget” 🤨 []
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